Cristina Bocchialini
Cristina Bocchialini began her career in her native Italy. She studied film and photography in Milan and built her career in the Italian film industry and directing documentaries, classical concerts and commercials at the leading TV networks Rai and Mediaset.

Later she moved to Los Angeles and began her first voyage in Hollywood as an intern in a movie produced by Robert De Niro.

In 2009, Cristina subsequently formed her production company Boga Films, based in Los Angeles.

In 2010 she completed THE CURSE OF THE SANDS, an award winning documentary recognized at several international festivals which she directed, filmed and edited with director Ayman El Gazwy.

In 2011 Cristina co-directed Ridley Scott LIFE IN A DAY's project, world premiered at SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL on Jan. 27th.

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