Ayman El Gazwy
The award winning director and producer Ayman El Gazwy, has been writing, shooting, and editing documentary films for over 12 years. Ayman was fifteen when his creative endeavors began. He participated in art exhibitions, sculpture and painting and was recognized with awards and accolades before a decision to explore and develop an expertise in filmmaking.

As a director he has worked at the leading Egyptian TV and foreign networks for many years. He has extensive and broad experience in directing various productions ranging from documentaries, events, commercials, information programs and the news.

In 2010 he produced, directed and edited THE CURSE OF THE SANDS, which won awards at different festivals, among them the Golden Award for Best Documentary in Human Right and Freedom at the Al Jazeera International Film Festival in 2010.

Ayman has been chosen to be co-directed of Ridley Scott LIFE IN A DAY's project, selected at SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in 2011.

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