The Curse of the Sands
THE CURSE OF THE SANDS, is Boga Films latest award winning documentary. A film showing the horror of extant land mines in Egypt thru their victims' stories. Using hand-held cameras and available light they shot with as little intervention as possible, allowing the subjects and protagonists to express and reveal themselves freely and naturally without personally interacting with them. They captured the harsh reality without judging or qualifying the facts and actions with a freestyle, poetical and emotional cinematic techniques, basically grounded in the ‘fly-on-the-wall’ approach. Most importantly, this film give the viewer the freedom and impulse to reflect and form their own point of view as a result of the filmmakers’ conscious attempt to simply present the argument, the subject and manifest the truth. THE CURSE OF THE SANDS is an intimate, visceral portrait of the human condition through its natural actions and the unfettered revelation of their worlds. 

"An intense and involving accusation of the folly of war, borns from the meeting of the arab and west cultures represented of the two authors."
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