The Curse of the Sands
Egypt, 2010. After more than 60 years, land mines left over from the carnage of WW2 continue to collect their victims. The sands of the northwest coast are home to approximately 17.2 million land mines and UXOs. The number of the victims in Egypt is estimated to be about 900 disabled and wounded: innocent men, women and children. The German, British, Italian Embassies and the Marsa Matrouh Government were unavailable for comment. The Egyptian Ministry of International Cooperation has begun the first phase of a project under the ‘United Nations Development Program’ aimed at resolving the problem but the victims are still afraid to report any accidents to the government for fear of reprisal.

Why after more than 60 years are 7.5 million land mines still there?

The directors journey emanates from these victim’s shattering stories.

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